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Any Ideas?

2009-06-07 13:49:45 by raexelphon

Yo Newgrounds,

I'm a songwriter who has no ideas at all and i need you to help me out. I'm looking for stories, ideas, thoughts, personal tragedy of any kind. Thanks for the help. Peace

NG needs better metal

2009-03-24 17:24:53 by raexelphon

Before we start i am a big metal fan and i've been checking out the Heavy Metal section here on NG's Audio Portal. There's some really good stuff but it's all so... unoriginal. I'm not saying it's bad but nothing really strikes me as new or exciting it all seems like the same stuff i've heard a billion times, just with different words. If anyone out there wants to help me bring some originality to NG's Metal scene lett me know.

peace People \m/,


What Up People!

2009-03-15 19:39:00 by raexelphon

Yo im raexelphon and i live for music. i've made a few songs, you can check them out, all of them suck for the most part probably because the only thing i can make music on is a demo of Fl studio (im broke what do u expect!). So yea until i get better stuff or a recording studio ( i play the bass too). i'll just have to keep trying. Later people.